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Good afternoon, and welcome to Wild Oyster.
Wild Oyster is a community focused organisation that works alongside women and organisations to unblock potential and create opportunities in all areas of life. Our housing and support arms aim to create space where women can thrive, feel alive and flourish in all ways to live independent, empowered, authentic and happy lives.

Value is embedded at the heart of who we are; dedication, social conscience and a positive spirit is threaded through all that we do. These are our Values:-

Opportunity: Our philosophy is that the “World is your Oyster” and that together we can find the opportunities and design the life that women want for themselves. We will create and reflect opportunities. We believe that there is opportunity in every encounter and we all have the ability to live freely and have fulfilling experiences.

Authenticity: We will encourage each other to be authentic with self, those around us, in our life choices and in the empathy that we feel for one another. We aim to inspire decisions that create lives that we design in the way that we want. We will work in a genuine, personal and open way that encourages people to make life decisions that are authentic for them.

Freedom: Freedom is gained through taking responsibility and control of our decision making. Through being honest with ourselves we can live freely, happily, creatively and without self-imposed limits or external constraints.

Empowerment: We aim to equip women with the confidence and tools to feel in control of their lives and able to achieve their potential and vision. We work in unorthodox and bespoke ways to engage aspirations and help make them a reality.
Working within community settings to deliver different support packages to enable people to move forward in their lives. We offer core support such as employability, advice & guidance, health & wellbeing as well as mentoring, tenancy support and mindfulness in a way that inspires and energises people. We are currently delivering flexible, creative and bespoke support in partnership with housing providers and in community settings.   We provide Women only-move on accommodation that is high quality and tailored for the specific needs of women. Our homes provide a supportive community for women to live settled, happy and enhanced lives. Please get in touch for more information on referrals.   We provide bespoke Social Value and impact measurement support for organisations wanting to recognise their impact on the community, including social research, value frameworks, evaluation reports and tailored workshops.
Women make up around a third of the single homeless population in the UK. WO was born out of the desire to work specifically with vulnerable women in a different, empowering, enjoyable and real way. When we live out of alignment with our true self, this can limit the opportunities, experiences and self-actualisation that are available to us but we want to help to make these things accessible and realistic for all women!

We create opportunities to reflect on and design a pathway through community engagement and one to one support. Our aim is to improve wellbeing with programmes that consider aspects such as health and home, relationships, pre-employability, women’s wellness, social networks & skills sharing, mindfulness, self-esteem and resilience. By creating local community partnerships that will add value to our support such as meditation centres, furniture recycling, fitness programs, social events and work placements, we link women into networks and resources in the community.

We aim for our work to have an impact on both the individual and the wider community, therefore creating and embedding value across the whole of society.
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